Q50 News Archive

  1. 2017

    1. August

      • Software errors in the fuel pump can cause certain Infiniti vehicles to run out of gas.

        “Engineers determined when the amount of fuel is low in the main tank, the pressure regulator may ...

    2. May

    3. April

      • Nissan wants to settle a Q50 InTouch lawsuit, according to reports.

        The lawsuit was filed back in 2014 by Leon Zingerman who was upset the system required an app on his phone for owners ...

  2. 2016

    1. November

      • If you own the sportier version of the Q50 – usually called the Q50S – and you’re a fan of being able to stop your car, this brakes lawsuit will probably be of some interest to you.

        A 20...

    2. June

      • Issues with the self-driving software that tend to happen soon after starting up, have led to the recall of 60,000 Q50 sedans.

        “The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)...

    3. April

  3. 2015

    1. June

  4. 2014

    1. October