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  1. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) have opened an investigation into steering wheel shaft problems in 17,000 2008 Infiniti EX35 vehicles.

    NHTSA says reports from two EX35 owners allege a complete loss of steering control, including the steering wheels rotating in every direction without turning the wheels of the cars.

    Both complaints said the steering felt loose while driving, and then became completely separated at a stop.

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  2. Following a seven-month investigation into leaking transmissions NHTSA has ordered a recall

    ... just not for Infiniti. Sorry to bury the lead there. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration opened the investigation after complaints about leaking transmission fluid. The initial investigation included the 2013 Infiniti JX, but Nissan says only the Pathfinder needs to be recalled.

    The problem is the internal oil cooler hose detaches from the cooler, causing the transmission leak. That's something worth noting for JX35 owners who have this problem at a later date.

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  3. It only took five complaints to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) for the agency to open up an investigation into transmission problems in the 2013 Infiniti JX and Nissan Pathfinder. OK, five complaints and a ton of early warning data submitted to Nissan.

    Owners complain their vehicles lose all power when the transmission fluid leaks out because the cooler line connection fails. Only five owners have complained about the problem, but NHTSA also spotted the problem in early warning reporting data submitted by Nissan.

    Turns out transmissions work better when the transmission fluid doesn't leak all over the ground, who knew? Well, Nissan for starters: Nissan [and Infiniti] knows there is an issue because they issued a dealer service bulletin in July of 2013.

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  4. The feds are looking into allegations the JX35 comes to a sudden stop due to defects in the automated braking system.

    According to the Office of Defects Investigation, drivers allege the intelligent brake assist system activated emergency braking when it shouldn't have, bringing the vehicle to an immediate and complete stop.

    Whoever said "better safe than sorry" obviously didn't drive a JX35.

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