There's a lot that can go wrong in a Infiniti

We collect information from owners and combine it with data from NHTSA to give you a clearer picture of what breaks the most and in what vehicle generations. Oh, and there's the occasional bright spot too. Emphasis on the occasional.

Problems You've Had (Or Will Have Soon)

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The Worst of Infiniti

A quick look at all the things wrong with Infiniti right now.

Worst generations to own

Rank Model Gen PainRank (?)
21st Q50 Gen 1 4.31
20th Q60 Gen 2 2.46
19th QX56 Gen 1 1.99
18th G37 Gen 4 1.8
17th QX60 Gen 1 1.35

Recent Infiniti News

Infiniti Vehicles Get Extended EVAP Warranty After Complaints of Gas Spilling Out at Fill-Up

Nissan and Infiniti owners are overflowed with joy at the news of the automaker’s “EVAP Emission Warranty Policy Enhancement”.

Many 2003-2017 models have developed clogs in the evaporative (EVAP) emission vapor vent tubes, which can cause gas to spill out during fill-up. The “warranty enhancement” will extend the warranty on these parts to 15 years / 150,000 miles. Owners who have already paid for repairs may be eligible for reimbursement.

Additional EVAP warranty information can be found on

Nissan Wants to Settle the Q50 InTouch Lawsuit

Nissan wants to settle a Q50 InTouch lawsuit, according to reports.

The lawsuit was filed back in 2014 by Leon Zingerman who was upset the system required an app on his phone for owners to perform software upgrades. That app, however, wasn’t available for over a year.

It wasn’t all sunshine and puppies, though. The Zingerman case – which was grouped with another case as part of the settlement – wasn’t granted class-action certification by the judge, because owners couldn’t prove InTouch was why they bought the car.

Nissan is offering owners payments of $30, plus an additional $55 if they downloaded the app before April 17, 2017. Alternatively, owners can skip the cash payment and get a $500 credit towards a new Infiniti. The deals are valid until March 2019.

The app isn’t the only complaint about InTouch.

Problems with other brands

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