Q50S Brake Pad Lawsuit

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If you own the sportier version of the Q50 – usually called the Q50S – and you're a fan of being able to stop your car, this brakes lawsuit will probably be of some interest to you.

A 2015 Q50S owner says after 10,000 miles of driving, his brake pads were shot and rotors already warped. He had them replaced, only to have them wear down and warp again in four months. Either he's using grocery runs as an excuse to practice for the INDY 500, or there's something else going on here.

"The Q50 lawsuit alleges Nissan/Infiniti knows the braking system is defective but conceals that fact so the automaker can keep selling the cars. Mr. Brand also says to keep from repairing the brake problems under warranty, the automaker tells its dealers to make changes to the cars that do nothing to fix them."

The lawsuit thinks alleges there's not enough heat dispersion, causing the brake pads to wear down unusually early.


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